ABOUT is the section about NIGHTDRIFT. To learn more, simply remember the ACRONYM: "RADNESS".

R: Restlessly
A: Ambivalent
D: Dude
N: Needed
E: Extra
S: Secretarial
S: Site

In all seriousness, there are a lot of random ideas bouncing around up here and sometimes momentum is gained by writing ideas out in a semi-public area.

The site itself was also just a fun exercise to create.



Hello! The webmaster is called Nightdrift. He can also be referred to as Drift, to keep it short and sweet. The webmaster personally enjoys typing until the cows come home.

Though the webmaster's background is primarily in visual storytelling and graphic design, his present goals are to branch out and learn as much else as he can. Web building, programming, music, 3D modelling, and practical applications of visual art are of particular interest to him.


The webmaster's webhome, or perhaps more apt to say studio (you are here!), serves primarily as a hub to microblog & track projects...and hold himself accountable to all the random ideas he occasionally forgets about. The webmaster also has other sites floating around, but he'll leave it to those who stumble upon them.


Making things on the web is an engaging interplay of technology and creativity. With every new page, there are new challenges and ideas to explore. With every blueprint or kernel of an idea that is laid out, there is the question, "how will I build this in a way that makes sense for my current skills and limitations?" In these recent years, the webmaster finds a greater joy when his work can serve some function or purpose, even if that function in the end is "to have fun" or "to entertain".


  • Favorite Music genre: Electronic (drum & bass, oldschool dubstep, anything with a solid bassline and a good vibe)
  • Preferred Physical Activities: Hiking, biking, swimming
  • Menu Go-To: Burgers
  • Beverage of Choice: Tea
  • Dream Indugence: Own a Lincoln Town Car